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Experimental Soaring Association

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 The national source for information regarding the design, building and flying of advanced and homebuilt sailplanes.
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Next Activity: September 4 - Western Workshop
Mountain Valley Airport (L94), Tehachapi, California

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A man of many achievements and wide interests
... frequent speaker and attendee at ESA Workshops
... a heavy note taker.

In Honor of
Paul B. MacCready

From the Cover of
Sailplane Builder

J. Phillip Barnes
The Elliptical Wing in-or-out of Ground Effect

Gary Osoba, pilot of 3 SparrowHawk world records says
<>"It is a peach to land."


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 Mike in his BUG, California US 
Click here for Mike Sandlin with his BUG series of designs ... article of month

Low Cost ... Funnest Flying ... Cool Flying on Hot Days

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