Related Organizations/Publication
(updated 2/22/2014 )
R/C Soaring Digest 
Monthly Journal for R/C soaring enthusiasts focusing on technical, construction techniques, and glider design since 1984. Sample copy: 
$2.50. One year subscription: $30, USA, check or money order only. Texas residents please add $1.52 tax. (Outside USA Please write). 
RC Soaring Digest P.O. Box 2108 Wylie, Texas 75098-2108 USA (972) 442-3910 
..... email contact: 
R/C Soaring Digest, C/O 725 Camellia Court, Santa Rosa CA 95407   

Australian Homebuilt Sailplane Association The AHSA is based in Australia and its newsletter covers homebuilding of soaring aircraft. Membership is available for A$15 in Australia and A$20 overseas. Send to: 
James Garay, Editor The Homebuilt Sailplane Association 3 Magnolia Ave. 
Kings Park, Victoria, 3021 Australia 

United States Hang Gliding Association   
The USHGA publishes Hang Gliding magazine 12 times per year for hang gliding sport enthusiasts to create further interest in the sport, and to provide an education forum to advance hang gliding methods and safety. Subscription costs: US$35 inside U.S., US$40 in Canada or Mexico, US$50 in other countries. Send to: 
Hang Gliding 
P.O.Box 1330 
Colorado Springs. CO 80901-1330 USA   

National Soaring Museum 
The National Soaring Museum serves us all. through their collections, restorations, and programs. They also archive for the SSA and all of us. The NSM shares its facilities with the SHA regularly. Join us in supporting the NSM. NSM, Harris Hill 
51 Soaring Hill Dr. 
Elmira, NY 14903. (607) 734-3128. 
National Soaring Museum, Elmira, NY 

United States Ultralight Soaring Association The purpose of the USUSA is to foster a heightened consciousness about ultralight soaring, to encourage an exchange of knowledge and information making possible the growth of this sector of soaring, and to serve Association members in their common ultralight soaring needs. Publishes Ultralight Soaring News. Suggested subscription donation: US$15 in US. US$20 offshore or US$25, US$35 offshore for "Founding Membership". Make checks payable to Chuck Rhodes at 208 Royal Oaks Ct.. Swanaboro, NC 28584. 

Australian Gliding 
The Gliding Federation of Australia - 
Subscription: $40.50 by cheque on an 
Australian bank or $US 34.80 by personal cheque. Payment can also be made by Bankcard, Visacard or Mastercard. 
Box 1650 GPO 
Adelaide. South Australia 5001 Australia 

Technical Soaring Magazine  
The technical and scientific journal of the SSA and OsTIV.  Documents recent advances in the science and technology of motorless aviation.  Published quarterly.  One year subscription - $24.  Contact the Soaring Society of America. Rates: USA $24, foreign SSA members $27, non-SSA member $30.  Mail to SSA, P.O. Box 2100 Hobbs, NM 88241-2100 or phone (505) 392-1177. Email: .
... BROKEN ... If you know a working link, let Steve Adkins know 
... BROKEN ... If you know a working link, let Steve Adkins know

Click on Logo for TWITT TWITT 
TWITT (The Wing Is The Thing) 
TWITT is a non-profit organization whose membership seeks to promote the research and development of flying wings and other tailless aircraft. Yearly subscription rates: US$20 inside US, US$30 outside US. 12 issues per year. Send to: 
P.O. Box 20430 
El Cajon, CA 92021 USA 

Click on logo for Vintage Sailplane Assn Vintage Sailplane Association 
Bungee Cord is the quarterly publication of the Vintage Sailplane Association, Inc. This group sponsors great vintage glider events. Dues are $28 for 2 years, $15 for 1 year. Send to: 
The Vintage Sailplane Association 
13312 Scotsmore Way 
Hemdon, VA 22071 
Vintage Sailplane Association     Archives 

World Class Soaring Association 
The World Class Soaring Association supports the expansion of World Class gliders, manufacturing and flying events. Membership:US$15 in US, US$20 International. Send to: 
WCSA c/o Al McCarty 
545 McCarty Dr. 
Furlong, PA 18295 USA  ... BROKEN ... If you know a working link, let Steve Adkins know

Click on Logo for Soaring Assn of Canada Free Flight 
A bi-monthly journal of the Soaring Association of Canada. A lively record of the Canadian soaring scene, and relevant international news and articles. US$20/yr or US$35/2yr and CDN $20/yr or CDN$35/2yr to: 
1090 Ambleside Dr., Suite ill Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2B 807 

Click on logo for Soaring Society of AmericaSoaring Society of America 
Join the SSA! Our By-Laws require we have a large number of SHA members who are also SSA members. Contact the SSA at P.O. Box E, Hobbs, New Mexico 88241. Membership includes Soaring Magazine. Join today! 

Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association
ASA, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to encourage the design, development and safe use of self-launching and sustainer engine sailplanes to advance the art of soaring. 
[Note: great list with links to motorglider sailplane dealers] 

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