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Stan Hall ... prolific author and builder 
The Sailplane Homebuilders Association  (SHA) announces the publication of  The Collected Works of Stan Hall, Volume Two.

Builders, designers, pilots and all enthusiasts will be delighted with the publication of the second volume of The Collected Works of Stan Hall.  Volume Two includes additional articles on sailplane design, construction and history, all written in Stan's easy-to-understand "how to do it" style.

Volume Two is the companion volume to the original Collected Works of Stan Hall.  This new volume contains an additional thirty pieces of Stan's work.  The content is an interesting mix of older material not available at the time the original volume was prepared and newer articles written after the original volume's completion.  The work presented in Volume Two spans an astounding 56 years, from 1946 through 2002.  Volume Two includes technical papers and speeches as well as articles published in prominent aviation periodicals such as Soaring, Flying,  and Sailplane Builder.

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A superb collection of the master's writings.
The SHA offers The Collected Works of Stan Hall  for sale.  Contains 338 pages of "the most useful, practical, and understandable aero book you will buy this year".  Everything Stan has written about sailplane design, construction and flying is included.

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You may find this book at slightly more than the cost of a tow more beneficial than a new parachute.

This book is a compilation of all the writings of Stan Hall, a prolific author of sailplane design, construction, flying and testing.  The Collected Works is a must for any sailplane designer, builder or pilot.  Writings in the collection encompass the 1950s into the 1990s and include all of his articles in Sailplane Builder and SHAp Talk along with all of his very popular columns, Homebuilder Hall from Soaring magazine ... and more ... articles published in the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association, publication Sport Aviation, articles from other newsletters and hard copy of presentations including the Barnaby Lecture and SSA presentations.  Much here to enjoy.

The Collected Works of Stan Hall  is a marvelous addition to any airplane and sailplane enthusiast's library.  Through the generosity of Stan Hall, all of the profits go to the SHA to support SHA activities.

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