Highlights of Member Activities
This page contains highlight items that were removed from the ESA homepage
[This page updated 6-9-2009]
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     Not from ESA:   
    The Soaring Flight Simulator "Made in Germany" 
            Very realistic simulation of the Ka-8 and others.  
            Free demo version! 

In keeping with MacCready's push for using less energy in
 many facets of our lives and the Western Workshop
theme "Renewable Energy", you may be interested
in two visions of Alternative Low Energy Tows.
 Also, contains a few links for MacCready.

Low Energy Tows
Click Here or on Photo
Dynamic Soaring !
Dynamite presentation at Tehachapi by J. Philip Barnes
Image from Albatross Simulator

37 page Adobe Presentation and a free simulator below
Dowloads:  Zip File ...or... Presentation  Simulator
 The Collected Works of Stan Hall  
 Volume TWO just released 

D-Tube interior - Steve Arndt's Carbon Dragon
A popular exhibit at various workshops and fly-ins

Scheduled Speaker at the 2008 Western Workshop 
"Aerodynamics and Photography of Soaring Bird Flight including Ground Effect"

New greatly improved files from Phil: 
Flight without Fuel  - PDF file   
Flight without Fuel - Power Point    
Trigons, Normals, and Quadragons - PDF file  

Raul Diloren reports a new foot launch sailplane

See it in October in Florida then at Torrey Pines, California.
Link: Saqqara 
Click on: Signpost, Signpost,  Saqqara, Footlaunch
... then use the index on the right.
Alisport Self-launch with inset image
Alisport: www.alisport.com   English   
Removed 11/12/2006
   Tilly, a pro
Golden Eagle with minicams ... ridge soaring in Scotland (OK, Tilly is not a member)
Watch 6 Soaring Videos 
Including aerial combat with a buzzard

Two clicks are required: 
     Mini-Cam in Action
Links from the new issue:

LightHawk ... glidersport.net

Archaeopteryx ...  ruppert-composite.ch 

Mesmerizing Video of this gadget: Large  Med
Removed 10/1/2005
 Marske's Carbon Rod Spar
 Click here for Paper by Jim Marske on Carbon Rods and Spar Design and link to Marske Site 
Removed 10/1/2005
Volmer Jensen VJ-11 Hang Glider ... revisited
Removed 11/12/2006

   Steve in eastern United States
Click here for Steve Arndt in his Magic Dragon ... more images at link
Removed 4/2005
 Duster Reunion - Gregow  
 Link fixed 

Removed 4/2005

Removed 4/2005
Removed 4/2005
For Sale ... Greg Malm 
( Adverse yaw? )
Added to site 3/11/2004
More information 
  Removed 4/2005
Looking for a winter activity?
... try:

Hard Water Sailing ... Iceboating 

We share with soaring:
- build your own ship
- trailers
- assembly
- need for ideal Ice and Weather
- frustration
- fellowship

Removed 1/2005

For Sale:

Please visit the project page for the HP-24

Note: from Bob K.
We're making great progress, and we're gonna have
some big shiny things to show off at Tehachapi!

welding wing mold supports
Welding wing mold supports
Removed 2/2004 
Robbie" Robbins' Moni 
Carlos Emmons Moni web site "relaunched" at www.monicentral.com
Historic flight by Gary Osoba at Harris Hill in Carbon Dragon
Photo by Adkins
 The MOBA Story
Sa-4 "Sportster"
Removed 11/2002 
Cepheus has power! 
Removed 11/2002 
Builder Ya in Japan
Wes Whitehurst Carbon Monarch



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