Purpose for ESA, Experimental Soaring Association
[Modified 11-26-2005]
 Note: Name changed from Sailplane Homebuilders in 2005
To stimulate interest in sailplane design and construction 
To disseminate information relating to construction techniques, materials, theory and related topics 
To establish classes, standards and categories where applicable
To give recognition for noteworthy designs and accomplishments
What We Are ......
We are a world organization representing world renown aircraft designers, homebuilders and friends.
We are a division of the Soaring Society of America (SSA).
Official By-Laws.

What We Do ......
We publish the Sailplane Builder  approximately once per quarter
We sponsor workshops every summer:
      [For a list of the activities for 2001, click here.] Note: This list is partial.
      [For a list of the activities for 2000, click here.]
      [For a list of the activities for 1999, click here.]
We proactively work with other glider related organizations and museums.

Liability and Editorial Policy ......
Please refer to an issue of Sailplane Builder  for our details

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