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The collected Works of Stan Hall  
Now a two volume set
$27 members, $30 Canadian or Mexico members, $33 others. 

Fundamentals of Sailplane Design by Fred Thomas.  Translated by Judah Milgram.  A must have book. 
$45 US Address 
$55 non-USA address 
[These prices for members only.] 

Sailplane Builder Back Issues 
All  back    issues of SHA Newsletters are available for sale! 
  Click here .. 1980 through 2002       
Ultralight and Light Self-Launching Sailplanes by Bruce Carmichael. 8x10 soft cover, 70 pages, 44 illustrations, 24 3-views. Characteristics of 22 U/L and 13 lights. Data on 18 Sustainer + 56 Self-Launch engines. Reducing prop drag, available plans/kits, safety. 34795 Camino Capistrano, Capistrano Beach CA 92624. $15 includes postage. $18 Canada! Mexico. $22 Other Countries. 

"Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design (aerodynamics), "Low Power Laminar Aircraft Technology", "Low Power Laminar Aircraft Structures". $27 ea. plus postage and handling $2, Priority 
$4. Overseas $4 (Airmail $10). Cirila Strojnik, 2337 E. Manhatton, Tempe, AZ 85282. 

Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction by Bruce Carmichael. Laminar aircraft development history. 13 aircraft, drag and performance concepts, natural laminar flow wing data, suction stabilized laminar wing data, 3D wing data, and high lift flaps, natural laminar flow body data, suction stabilized laminar flow data, tail surface design and data component interference drag, coIling drag, flight test, practical problems and solutions. conceptual NLF aircraft design, drag reduction with turbulator BL, author and book list. 207 pg. 195 il, 239 refs. $25 includes postage. $28 Canada, $30 Mexico, $33 Europe, $35 other. Bruce Carmichael, 34795 Camino Capistrano. Capistrano Beach, CA 92624. 

The collected Sailplane Articles and Soaring Misadventures of Bruce Carmichael 1950-2000.  First Printing 2000.  $25 postpaid US.  Soft cover, 280 pages, 69 articles from Soaring, Technical Soaring, OSTIV, SHAp Talk, Sailplane Builder, NSM, Natl. Free Flight Soc., So Cal Soaring Assoc., and author's notes.  Sailplane design optimize, aerodynamic design, further predictions, memorials to departed great, ultralight sailplanes, dynamic soaring, summaries of workshops, etc.  Contact Bruce Carmichael -- see address above. 

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