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[Modified 11-30-2005]

Note to builders: If you have some great snapshots or digital images of homebuilt gliders or glider parts or jigs, please send them to me for inclusion on this website.  I now have high speed access to the internet so that you may send several large images in a single email.  I can then reduce them in size to meet our editorial requirements.
  [ ]  ... Thanks in advance!

Email Addresses:
Email addresses have been modified to prevent "mining" of addresses from this website by companies that send out "SPAM", unsolicited advertisements to get rich quick, sell products and promote adult websites. For more information:

Also, the following links provide random email addresses to clog up SPAM mailing lists with invalid email addresses:
Page of Random Email Addresses   and Another
Wpoison is a cgi script designed by Ron Guilmette which generates a random page of random email addresses and links. Email address harvesters operated by spammers find the random web page and add the bogus email addresses to their address database, making it less useful. In addition, wpoison generates a number of links that just point back to itself, causing the harvester robot to become mired in the web page.
http://www.rahul.net/falk/whatToDo.html#wpoison      http://www.blibbleblobble.co.uk/Tools/SpiderTrap/SpiderTrapCode.php

Website Design Policy
This website is designed at the lowest common level to ensure that most browsers will work and so that the pages will load fast.  Distracting blinking images are not used.  Note: Where appropriate, some very large, detailed images  are available by clicking on a smaller image so that members can investigate construction details.

Use of "Frames" has been avoided ... tables suffice nicely.  Also, by not using frames, Yahoo and other search engines can better direct searches.  By not using frames, users can better "bookmark" favorite webpages or forward links to friends.

Navigation or Browsing:  The "map" for this site is simple ... generally, the visitor returns to the Homepage by use of  the "back arrow" or by clicking on the [Return to Homepage] link found on nearly all pages ... then makes the next selection.  When clicking on a thumbnail image to see the larger image, it might be best to open the link in a "new window".   In addition, an Index or Contents page has been created ...  http://esoaring.com/contents.htm

Website Editorial Policy & Copyright Notice
These pages are presented here are for the use, education and enjoyment of those interested in the world of glider homebuilding.   No claim is made for the accuracy of materials presented. Content and/or policy opinions expressed within these pages are solely those of the author. They DO NOT necessarily reflect the position of any other person nor organization. Responsibility for accuracy in referred and hyperlinked materials rests entirely with the applicable author and no remuneration is made.
Refer to ESA Liability Statement and Editorial Policy in an issue of Sailplane Builder  

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