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SHA Past Activities
Sailplane Homebuilders Workshop - 1997 
Notable SHA Member Activities
  Paul D. MacCready, Ph.D. - Frequent lecturer at SHA workshops 
Bruce H. Carmicheal 
     Biography  ... lectured at Cal Tech ... 
     book review "Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction
     United States Soaring Hall of Fame 
     ... Inducted January 23, 2003, Dayton, Ohio 
     The Elmira Flying Wing Symposium 
     ... group photo 
         Includes MacCready, Lambie, Backstrom, Marske ... more

Don Santee

The Joseph C. Lincoln Memorial Award
     1981 - Don Santee: "Soaring Colorado Plateau"

     Harris Hill Soaring Corporation reports on same award

SHA history book for sale ... written by Don Santee

Other Historical Sites and Research Sources
Flight-History is dedicated to developing an extensive on-line archive of aviation history. The archives are not exclusive to any one country or type of aircraft. We are committed to providing tools for aviation enthusiasts to contribute to the site. The archives focus on the pre-jet era for now.   A very nice website.  Cathy Berglund  Chief Operating Officer and Director, asked us to include a link to their site.  I have asked them to extend their history to including gliders and sailplanes.

Has a very extensive world-wide museum listing for your historical research:
Our very own National Soaring Museum is including in this listing:

Paul D. MacCready
Bruce H. Carmicheal
SHA Past Activities
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