The Soaring Flight Simulator
"Made in Germany"
[Created 3/6/2002]
An incredible sailplane simulator: The Soaring Flight Simulator "Made in Germany"
Gliders include: Ka-8, Schweizer 2-33, LS-8a and ASW 27
Free Demo Download
Winch launch, tow plane launch, thermals, slope soaring, contest flights, competitors, aerobatics
Joy Stick not required
The Minnesota Soaring Club demonstrated this simulator to its club members in February.  This simulator was designed strictly for gliders or sailplanes.  At a minimum, you must download the free demo version which includes the Ka-8 sailplane which is a joy to fly in weak soaring conditions.  Rugged German terrain provides plenty of opportunity for slope soaring.  Choose the wind direction and velocity along with thermal conditions before launching.  Both winch and tow plane launch is available.  Winch launches are easy.  Tow plane launches are difficult ... chose a wind direction in line with the runway for early flights.

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