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(Formerly Sailplane Homebuilders Association)

Eastern Workshop 2006

Chilhowee Gliderport, Benton, Tennessee


The Eastern Workshop will be held this year at a new location, Chilhowee Gliderport, located in
southeastern Tennessee, adjacent to the Cherokee National Forest, not far from Chattanooga.
Dates will be Friday May 5 to Sunday May 7

right after the Region 5 World Class Contest (May 1-5) and right before the annual Women Soaring Pilot’s Association (WSPA)
annual seminar (May 8-12).  Come for the ESA Workshop, or for an exciting full two weeks of soaring activities.

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Registration and more Information and details ....
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ESA's Central Workshop will be held at the Stanton grass strip in Minnesota on the
weekend of August 5th and 6th, Saturday and Sunday. 

Detailed agenda and Registration:

Three SparrowHawks are expected to attend
  PDF File: http://esoaring.com/sparrowhawk.pdf 

Word File:  esoaring.com/central_registration_2006.doc 
HTML File: esoaring.com/central_registration_2006.htm

Keynote Presentations:
Steve Arndt - Magic Dragon Sailplane, jigs and trailer with tray
Paul Remde - Soaring Instruments and Software (Glass cockpit for gliders?)

American Spirit, Carbon Dragon, Woodstock, Duster, trailers and more

The Stanton Airport is 30 miles south of the Twin Cities:  Map

If you are willing to be a speaker contact Steve Adkins at 952-894-8860 or <
If you are unable to send the registration and wish to register

Airport Website: www.stantonairfield.com/                Minnesota Soaring website: soarmn.com 

Registration and Agenda below ... Note revised Agenda:
You need to open both documents for the current agenda, registration and lodging information.

Or for combined HTML version:  http://esoaring.com/western2006.html  

We are honored to announce that Jim Short will be our banquet speaker.
We already have guests coming from Atlanta to Australia,
so plan your weekend with us now!!!

Final Revision of the Western Workshop Program 

The 1st Great Plains
Vintage/Classic Sailplane Regatta
September 14-17, 2006
Sponsored by
The Vintage Sailplane Association
Wichita Gliderport &
The Kansas Soaring Association


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