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Calendar for Year 1999
[created 12/20/1999]

SHA is a very active organization conducting workshops on both coasts and centrally.  Below are the events held by SHA and related organizations during 1999.

See our booth at the SSA Convention in Knoxville, Tennessee February 24-27th, 1999. 
We sponsor workshops every summer - 1999 workshops include:

June 12-20, 1999    3rd Annual Midwest Vintage/Classic Sailplane Regatta, Lawrenceville/Vincennes Airport, Lawrenceville, Illinois.  Contact Bud Brown at 618-943-2076 or David Shuur at <> or 309-246-3328.
June 15-19, 1999     Antique and Classic Glider Rally, US Southwest Soaring Museum, Moriarty, New Mexico.  Contact George Applebay at 505-832-0755 or by email at <>.
June 19-20, 1999  SHA Central Division Workshop, held at the United States Southwest Soaring Museum, Moriarty Airport, Moriarty, New Mexico USA. Contact: David and Nancy Magerstadt at or at 12609 Dessau #343, Austin, Texas 78754. This event is being held in conjunction with an Antique and Classic Glider Rally, to be held at Moriarty July 15-19th. For more info about that, contact: George Applebay, Box 1812, Moriarty, New Mexico 87035. 
 July 8, 1999     Vintage glider symposium, Harris Hill museum and airport, Elmira, New York. Being held in conjunction with the SHA Eastern Workshop called, "Birds of a Feather" due to our common interests.
July 9-11, 1999   SHA Eastern Workshop, Harris Hill museum and airport, Elmira, New York. Returning again to the National Soaring Museum in Elmira, New York, USA and also will be held in conjunction with a Vintage glider symposium. 
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September 3-6, 1999 (Labor Day weekend)    The SHA Western Workshop. This is the biggest of our workshops, with many sailplanes and design and building enthusiasts attending.  It will be held at Mountain Valley Airport, Tehachapi, California USA. Contact: Janice and Dan Armstrong at, or by telephone 805-822-8852, or 21100 Angel Street, Tehachapi, CA 93561 USA. 
                                                      REGISTRATION, AGENDA and LODGING 
Donations for auction due 9/3/99 ... if you have something of use to SHAers and aren't using it ... now is the time to clear that space!  send to address immediately above.  White elephants OK, but forget the Elvis memorabilia.
October 9, 1999     2nd Annual Hawley Bowlus Vintage Sailplane Exposition, Wings of History Museum, South Country Airport, San Martin, California.  contact Marici Phillips at 408-480-6556 or
SHA Chapter Two - Armstrong hangar at Mountain Valley Airport, Tehachapi, California. 
Meetings: 9:00 am, meet earlier at the Raven's nest for breakfast 
- Saturday, November 6th ... 1st Meeting 
- Saturday, December 4 
- Saturday, January 1, 2000 ... includes the traditional Mountain Valley Open Cockpit Flying Event
October 9,1999 The Second Annual Hawley Bowlus Vintage Sailplane Exposition, Wings of History Museum, South County Airport, San Martin, California.  10 am to 4 pm.  Flying demonstrations, vintage glider displays, forums, EAA Young Eagle flights, and a great barbeque!  Contact Sam Burton (408-490-6470 or Email at <>).
November 20,1999  Ralph Barnaby Lecture, Colony South Hotel, Clinton, Maryland (Washington DC area).  Lecturer will be Paul A. Schweizer.  Lecture at 10:00 AM followed by lunch and reception at noon.  There will be guided tours of the Garber Restoration Facility (the restoration service of the National Air and Space Museum) in the afternoon.   
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Calendar for Year 1999

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