SHA Workshop, Sailplane Development Panel, and Barnaby Lecture Week
Monday August 26th through Monday September 2nd, 2002
Tentative Schedule
(please view this as seriously tentative, and subject to change!)

Monday, August 26th, 2002

Kickoff Potluck Barbeque for the Sailplane Development Panel meeting, beginning around 5 PM at the Byard Hangar at Mountain Valley Airport (L94), Tehachapi, California. Barbeque guidelines – bring meat and drinks for yourself, plus something to share with everyone else. All utensils, plates, cups etc. provided.  


Tuesday, August 27th through Thursday morning, August 29th, 2002

Sailplane Development Panel meetings, 9AM-4:30PM (9AM-12Noon on Thursday), at the Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene, 19016 Highline Road, Tehachapi (location and directions will be posted at Mountain Valley Airport). Topics tentatively included include: OSTIVAS, SDP Web Page, FAI Sailplane Definition, Motorglider Accident Investigation, World Class Report, JAR 22, Airspace, Training and Safety, Cockpit Standardization, Human Factors, Safety/Crashworthiness, Increased MTOW for Gliders, JAR Requirements re: Landing Gear, Studies, Two-seat Glider Impact Tests, Accident Investigation, Pilot Rescue Systems, Ultralight and Light Sailplanes, Electrically Powered Gliders, Certification Guidelines, and others to be included. Individuals are invited to observe the proceedings, and reservations are not required. 

Each evening we will have a potluck barbeque  at Mountain Valley Airport – see guidelines above.


Friday August 30th, 2002 at Mountain Valley Airport

Ultralight Sailplane Fly-in begins. Bring your ultralight sailplane (or any sailplane, for that matter) and soar at Mountain Valley Airport! 


SHA Western Workshop begins in the afternoon. Sign up via the Registration Form. Tentative schedule:

2PM  Piero Morelli  Ultralight Sailplanes

3PM  Loek Boermans Recent Progress in Suction Laminarization

4PM  Helmut Fendt  Certification and Licensing Issues

Evening: Potluck Barbeque – follow guidelines above or sign up on the Registration Form for us to purchase food for you. Possibly ground towing demonstrations also, and maybe a special dedication – more details upcoming!


Saturday August 31st, 2002 at Mountain Valley Airport

Ultralight Sailplane Fly-in continues. Come soar at MVA!


SHA Western Workshop tentative schedule:

7:30AM Early Bird Breakfast Buffet and Speaker

  Bruce Carmichael 100% Laminar Suction Wing – The Historical Perspective

8:30AM Gary Osoba  Dynamic Soaring and Microlift: Practical Experience

9:30AM Taras Kiceniuk Instrumenting for Dynamic Soaring

10:30AM Al Bowers  Induced Drag

1PM  Danny Howell  The Light Hawk Sailplane

2PM  Eric Raymond  Solar Powered Sailplanes

3PM  Martin Hollmann Flutter in Sailplanes

4PM  David Marsden Winglets

Evening: Potluck Barbeque – follow guidelines above or sign up on the Registration Form for us to purchase food for you. Possibly ground towing demonstrations also. Plus the world famous SHA Auction – bring something for the auction! All proceeds go to the SHA. 


Sunday September 1st, 2002  at Mountain Valley Airport


Ultralight Sailplane Fly-in continues


SHA Western Workshop tentative schedule

7AM or so Ground Towing Exhibition 

8:30AM Jeff Byard  Vintage Sailplanes

9:30AM Robert Mudd  The Apis

10:30AM Mike Sandlin  Bug 2 and Bug 4

1PM  David Raspet  The Work of Dr. Gus Raspet

2PM  Jim Short  Wood Construction of Sailplanes

3PM  Greg Cole  The Sparrow Hawk

4PM  Tony Segal  5 Fatal Glider Accidents & 1 Survival

6:30PM The 22nd Annual SHA Western Workshop Banquet

7:45PM The 30th Annual Ralph S. Barnaby Lecture – An Evening with Gerhard Waibel—

Gerhard’s topic will be “The Sailplanes of 2050.” Sponsored by the National Soaring Museum, SHA, and SSA Region 12. 


Monday, September 2nd, 2002 at Mountain Valley Airport


Ultralight Sailplane Fly-in continues

SHA Business Meeting in the Armstrong Hangar at 9AM


1. Most of the SHA events will be held in the Byard Hangar. SHA Workshop Registration and Merchandise will be in the Armstrong Hangar.

2. Soaring is available at Mountain Valley Airport all days except Tuesdays. Contact Skylark North (661-822-5267) for reservations, information, instruction, etc. 

3. Lodging:

A. Motels – the two most commonly used are Tehachapi Summit Travelodge Hotel (500 Stueber Road, 661-823-8000) and Best Western Mountain Inn (416 W. Tehachapi Blvd, 661-822-5591). The Stallion Springs Resort (18100 Lucaya Way, 661-822-5581) is about 10 miles to the west. At any of the motels, ask for the SHA discount.

B. RV – The Mountain Valley RV Park is right on the airport – 661-822-1213. Indian Hills Ranch Campground (18061 Arosa Rd., 661-822-6613) is up in the mountains, not too far away.

C. Camping – To camp on the airport grounds, please contact Jane Barrett at Skylark North (661-822-5267). 

D. Links

      Lodging and Points of Interest  ... page down for Points of Interest, Lodging and Camping


4. Weather in Tehachapi – check these links, Mojave Specific, Bakersfield Specific or before you come, but it is usually pretty predictable – in the 80’s in the day, into the 50’s at night. Remember, Tehachapi is at 4000 feet elevation. Bring a jacket for sure for the evenings. The chance of rain at this time of the year is remote at best. Tehachapi is a high desert setting, so be prepared for lots of sun and the risk of dehydration.


Questions? Contact Dan and Janice Armstrong, telephone 661-821-0346, fax 661-821-0347.




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