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Counter not working ... BeSeen discontinued the counter support
... Swithed to
Updated reference to up-coming events (none left for 2002).
merchandise.htm and application.htm
Corrected Zip code for Murry ... added an Email link to Murry on the Merchandise page
Noticed that the email addresses do not agree ... checking with Murry ... followup

Did much updating ... but didn't make Log entries
    Updated the classified ads and shalinks page for the
calendar2002.htm  and index.html
Removed Eastern workshop from homepage and update calendar to show it as a past event.

Updated Armstrong address, fax and phone

Updated "Next Event" to "May Events".
Changed "Winter tooo long?" to "Did poorly in last contest?" (link to SFS simulator).

Changed Address from "Armstrong" to "Murry Rozanksy".
Added Table with 3 new books for sale, SHA History, The Duster Compliation, The Dust Rag.

Added link target to individual events.
Added SHA Western Workshop Banquet and Barnaby Lecture featuring Gerhard Waibel.

Added the word "default"  in front of "home webpage".
Added webpage links for March-April 2002 issue.

Started adding dates to request for help.
Added request by William Bently.

Added targets for linking to each person (used last name in lower case) ... just use webpage address followed by #name
Updated any changed addresses
Changed order of officers to match page 3 of the Sailplane Homebuilder.

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