SHA Western Workshop and Vintage Regatta 

Now: 4 days long!
Friday through Monday, September 3-6, 1999
Mountain Valley Airport
Tehachapi, California

         Schedule of Speakers and activities
         Registration Form
         Lodging, camping and RV parks

Tentative Schedule of Speakers and activities

Friday Evening, September 3rd - Early Bird Lectures
Gary Osoba Return of the Sigma ... Harbinger of the Future
Taras Kicenuik Dynamic Soaring, the Ultimate Variometer

Saturday, September 4th
Jay Morrison Trikes for Ultralight Sailplanes
Mike Sandlin BUG 1 and BUG 2 Ultralight Sailplanes
Dan Armstrong WindDancer Ultralight Sailplanes
Bruce Hotz Two Light Sailplane Designs
George Applebay Zia Self Launching Sailplane
Joe Alvarez Hands on Composite construction and Tooling Demonstration: Light Strong Wing and Tail Elements
Later that evening: Potluck Barbeque and Auction:   All items donated, with proceeds to go to the SHA.  Auction items are gladly accepted!  Bring anything you think someone might be interested in!  For the potluck, bring meat for yourself (grills will be available), something to drink, and something to share.

Sunday, September 5th
Mark West Truck-Mounted UltralightTest Rig (note: Mark tests hang gliders and is involved in the Hang Glider Manufacturing Assn.
Paul MacCready Soaring Addictions and Perspectives
Danny Howell Progress on the Lighthawk
Al Bowers Horton Light Sailplane - NASA High Altitude Sailplane Drop
Joe Alvarez More Hands on Composite Construction Demonstrations
Latter that evening: Banquet at the Apple Shed, 333 E. Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi.  Music by Dominique Veillard and Sue McGarrah.  Gary Osoba will enthrall us as the Banquet Speaker, talking about "When Slow is Faster, the Fun Factors Soars"

Monday morning, September 6th - SHA Business Meeting

Sailplane rental, instruction and tows are available all four days at Mountain Valley Airport.  Call Skylark North at 661-822-5267 to schedule a rental and/or instruction.  Lodging information is below.

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This is the year - experience Tehachapi 1999

Print this and send in:

SHA Western Workshop and Vintage Regatta
Friday through Monday, September 3-6, 1999
Mountain Valley Airport
Tehachapi, California

Registration Form:

Name ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________

Telephone(s) _________________________________________

E-Mail ______________________________________________
Entire Workshop One Day (Sat or Sun) Friday Only
Registration Fee: $20 $15 Free
BAnquet Tickets (Sun Eve) $15 Each

Make check payable to the SHA.  Check must be in US Dollars.

Send to:
Dan Armstrong
SHA Secretary-Treasurer,
21100 Angel Street
Tehachapi, California 93561-8931
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Lodging, Camping and RV Parks

Camping at airport - 661-822-5267 RV Park on airport 661-822-1213
Camping at Indian Hill Ranch Campground 661-822-6613  
    Click on this
    Click on "Online Maps" (upper right on compass)
    and, enter 500 Steuber Road, Tehachapi, CA ... Zoom and search around

Motels nearby:
Tehachapi Summit Travelodge Hotel, 500 Steuber Road, 822-8000 (Closest to Airport SE which is SE of town)
Mountain Inn, 416 W. Tehachapi Blvd, 822-5591 (in town)
Golden Hills Motel, 22561 Woodford-Tehachapi Road, 822-4488.  Older, west of town
Ranch House Motel, 500 E Tehachapi Blvd, 822-4561.  Older, in town.
Ranch Motel, 507 S. Curry, 822-4283.  Older, in town.
Sante Fe Motel, 120 W. Tehachapi Blvd, 823-3184.  Older, in town
Resort: Stallion Springs Resort, 822-5581.  Fifteen Miles away ... with championship golf course
Many motels in Mojave (25 miles south-east).
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