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Feb 20, 2013
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Carbon Dragon - Phil Lardner's Website

The national source for information regarding the design, building and flying of advanced and homebuilt sailplanes.

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SSA Convention
February 27 – March 1, 2014
Reno, NV

May 16 – 18, 2014
NASM Udvar-Hazy Center
Chantilly, Virginia
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August 30 to September 1, 2014
Mountain Valley Airport (L94)
Tehachapi, CA

Contacts for this event are Ron Ogden, Marketing Director for the National Soaring Museum at Elmira (and nominee for 2014-2015 Eastern ESA VP), e-mail, phone 607-734-3128, or Jerry Gross, e-mail, phone 814-308-9547. In order to help finalize plans for hotel rooms and facilities, we would urge members to contact Ron or Jerry as soon as possible to identify your intention to attend. A suggested deadline would be the end of March, 2014.

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For the Eastern ESA Workshop for 2014, we are pleased to announce a special treat. Russ Lee, Curator for Sport Aviation at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM), and long-time friend of ESA, has invited us to have a special tour of the restoration facilities at the NASM Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. The dates for the Workshop this year are Friday May 16 through Sunday, May 18. A block of rooms will be reserved at the Hilton Dulles Hotel for Friday and Saturday nights, for those who wish to stay nearby. Expected rate is $89/night.

Notice to Carbon Dragon Builders:

Permission to use this photo from the Maupin family
A new professional quality website:
Two Important Links"

Forum for Builders of Jim Maupin Designs

(Woodstock, Windrose, Carbon Dragon and Stealth Primary)

In Sailplane Builder, Phil Lardner announced a new forum for the Carbon Dragon builders.  This replaces the website, which has been static for some time.  Even though the website has been static, it enjoys over 100 visits each week ... proving the ongoing interest in this decades old design.  There are few designs available for those who wish to exploit Microlift (Wikipedia LINK).  Anything important was moved to Phil's website; plus, there is loads of new, current information on Phil's website.

Amazingly, Phil was able to resurrect the Yahoo Group, Carbondragonbuildersandpilots which was deleted without warning.  Phil had saved a majority of the posts which are now available through a forum he had created.

This example demonstrates that if there is information on the web that you need ... download it to your hard drive.  With the extremely low cost for massive capacity disk drives, you can save everything (2 terabyte drives are available for about $100).

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Articles Wanted:
Your experimental sailplane, vintage ship or in-between sailplane can appear in Sailplane Builder. 
Just write an article and supply some great photos. 

Anybody have a self-launch winch?  A contest in
Kansas run by Gary Osoba featured a winch based
on a remote controlled motorcycle.  It is said that Cushman scooters are great for light sailplanes.


Perfect glider for these extremely hot days.
B. U. G. or Basic Ultralight Glider
 Mike Sandlin of San Diego. California continues to provide economical access to soaring:

       Please don't pay for plans from Australia or wherever
                                    ... go straight to the source ... it's free [ESA webmaster]

My airchair designs are intended to provide open air soaring, forgiving flight characteristics, convenient transport, simple "garage technology" construction, and a high level of crash safety. ... Mike
Free plans ... on-line: 

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