Classified Ads and Merchandise
from Sailplane Builder newsletter for ESA

[Updated 5/29/2011]

Words for search engines since the above is an image captured from the Sailplane Builder:
For Sale ... Wanted ... Books ..
Plans .... Glider .... Sailplane ... Trailer ... Instruments ... Design ... Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design ... Ultralight ... Drafting .... Digitizing
Schemmp/Hirth Austria SHK-1
Sailplane Trailers Plans Sets
Robinson o Pfeiffer Pellet Vario
Marske Pioneer II-D Plans Hardware fuselage canopy
Alpin Motorglider Kit
HP 14 Tail Conversion Plans Wanted
Books by Bruce Carmichael
Low Power Laminaar Aircraft Design
personal aircraft Draf Reduction
ultralight & light self launching sailplanes
collected sailplane articles & soaring Mishaps
Collected Aircrraft Performance Improvements
Sailplane design by Vittorio pajno

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